Friday, September 25, 2009

Can You Spell Free?

Microsoft has announced a special program for SBSC members to get up to $1000 to use on a Ready to Go Campaign. This is part of the vision of re-creating, for SBSCs, a set of benefits that are exclusive, practical and tangible to them: SBSCs get access to this extra funding… just because they are SBSCs.

So, any plans around Launch activities but no money? Here is the beginning of an answer (and more to come).

Check out the link:

No whining if you don't go take advantage of it. First come, first served and there are limited funds available. Go do it today! And let me know you did - so I can track how many have participated. Not often you can get $1000 from Microsoft. DO it!

And if you aren't an SBSC yet - now is the time to get it done. Is $1000 enough of an incentive?

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