Thursday, September 24, 2009

A Great Video on the HTG and ConnectWise Partnership

Thanks to Aaron Booker and VarVid for capturing and posting a video I created with Arnie Bellini from ConnectWise while at the Microsoft WPC in New Orleans a bit ago. We discuss the vision for our partnership and the value that working closely together will have on HTG members. Check it out at:

We are off to a wonderful start in our partnership, and it rachets up to a new level in November when we hold our HTG Q4 meetings in Orlando right ahead of the ConnectWise Partner Summit 2009. Same venue, same week, great content for partners every day. We have our fantastic peer group meetings, and they have some great keynotes and breakouts. There is no other place in this industry to get the quality and value that this week will bring. I hope you will be there, bring multiple people, because there is no way any one person will be able to even capture a fraction of the content on their own. HTG registration is open - get registered now. Looking forward to seeing you all in Orlando in November.

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