Monday, April 20, 2009

HTG Summit 2009

This week over 400 people will come to Dallas to the Omni Mandalay for the Q2 meetings of HTG. All 19 of our groups are meeting this week. All our vendor sponsors will be here to engage with us. We have a keynote address from Bob Burg on Tuesday. Wednesday is filled with 18 breakout sessions featuring the best and brightest from within the HTG ranks as well as the industry as a whole. It is going to be a great week!

Today the core focus of HTG is in full swing. We have 11 peer groups meeting in their own communities tackling the problems that each face. That is the real key to HTG - a community of 12 companies focused on helping each other reach their goals and take their business to the next level. It is powerful stuff. Those goals may be growing their business, overcoming a challenge, tackling a life issue - it doesn't really matter what it is - the groups dive in and help one another. The value is in helping each other achieve and execute. As that happens, good things happen to all. It is the Go Giver in action.

Part of the focus for HTG is also beyond business. It is about life. This morning (like each morning this week), we began our day with over 30 attendees gathered for morning devotions in the Presidential Suite on the 28th floor at 6:30 AM. That is execution in full swing. We had a weekend prayer vigil coordinated by one of our HTG members where 48 people prayed for 30 minutes each to ask for God's blessing over this week of activities. There will be many other life interactions this week - some spiritual in nature - others around family, marriages and people - but all about relationship. That is really the bottom line for HTG. It is about the relationships we have. At work, home, play, spiritually - life boils down to relationships. We all need to focus on taking care of them whether they are with a customer, employee, spouse, child, banker, lawyer or God Himself - relationships matter and do create the outcome of our life. How are your relationships going? What score would those you are in a relationship with give you?

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theritzman said...


Exactly my point.

Relationships matter and are the center of life itself. Relationship with myself, others & God.

And our ability to choose personal introspection - to look closely at our own ability to communicate and hold strong relationships with others is tough work. It is in fact hard work that most of us choose to avoid.

It isn't the financials, the technology or the BIC-o-Meter. It's the 'soft side' of business management - the people side of people, process & technology.

Sign me up for relationship growth and improvement in all parts of my life.