Thursday, April 30, 2009

2009 HTG Award Presentations

This year marked the first year we have presented the HTG Awards to our membership. We have some of the greatest partners in the IT Channel, and we were able to recognize them on Tuesday evening as part of our HTG Summit in Dallas last week. Here is the list of winners:

Award - Name - Recipient Company
Group of the Year - HTG2 - Facilitator Nate Austin
Rookie of the Year - Amy and Peter Kardel - Clever Ducks
Facilitator of the Year - Erik Thorsell - Success Computer Consulting
Vendor of the Year - Zenith Infotech Ltd.
Spirit Award - Robert Lindley - Innovative Systems, Inc
Leadership Award - Dan Hay - ISOutsource
Founder’s Award - Lyf Wildenberg - Mytech Partners
Friend of HTG - Paul Dippell - Service Leadership, Inc.
Excellence in Partnering - Aaron Booker - Hardlines Co.
Best Practice/Great Idea - Mitch Miller - Dynamic Computer Solutions
Best Practice/Great Idea - Alex Ziogas - AZBS
Best Practice/Great Idea - Andre Vittorio - Idealogical Systems, Inc.

Group Members of the Year
HTG1 - Dan Shundoff - Intellicom
HTG2 - Lyf Wildenberg - Mytech Partners
HTG3 - Steve Riat - Nex-tech
HTG4 - Garrett Brucker - Solve IT
HTG5 - Cohen Barnes - TBC Net, Inc.
HTG6 - Dave Rodman/Jeremy Kurth K&R - Network Solutions
HTG7 - Chris Bates - The Computer Hut
HTG8 - Roy van Norstrand - Usherwood Office Technology
HTG9 - Gary Stein - Netlink Systems Inc.
HTG10 - Randy Biggs - VACS
HTG11 - Raja Pagadala - The Final Step Ltd.
HTG12 - Jamison West - JWCS
HTG13 - Steve Winter - ERGOS Technology
HTG14 - Don Bentz - Preferred IT Group
HTG15 - Amy and Peter Kardel - Clever Ducks
HTG16 - Tom Fox - Tech Experts
HTG17 - Greg Gurev - MySherpa
HTG18 - Ben Rife - Integrity Networks

Congratulations to the winners. We are proud of you!

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