Saturday, April 11, 2009

Are you a Good Communicator?

In times of economic challenge, business professionals who want to lead from a position of strength need more than high IQ. They also need proficient communication skills.
Communication cannot succeed without listening. Are you listening?
You say you want to listen, you know how important it is to pay attention to your clients, your colleagues, your spouse, your family, but… you’re busy, you don’t have time right now, there is so much to do.
So you keep doing, and keep talking, even though stopping to listen can more quickly and easily
  • reduce professional and personal stress,
  • calm rising tempers,
  • clarify misunderstandings,
  • give you access to new opportunities
  • increase sales
Have you ever had someone say: “You seem to know exactly what I’m thinking. How did you do that?”
Tune in to Small Business IT Radio and hear what Jean Hudson has to say!

That’s Power Listening at work!

Jean Hudson is founder and CEO of execuCoach International, a Calgary-based leadership and personal development company. She has over 20 years experience as facilitator, speaker, writer, and coach. Her presentations and articles have been enjoyed by audiences across North America and Europe.
Jean holds a masters degree in collaborative leadership, and a master certificate in NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) which is the study of how top-level achievers think, act, and communicate.
Jean is not an expert in your field. She is an expert in accessing the strengths and resources of individuals and teams, then developing the skills to behave and communicate in ways that magnify achievement.
Join Jean online with Stuart Crawford of Bulletproof InfoTech on his weekly Small Business IT Radio program. Show time is April 17 at Noon Eastern/9 AM Pacific. Tune in online or listen later.
Tune in to Small Business IT Radio and hear what Jean Hudson has to say!

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