Thursday, August 21, 2008

Holy Cow Batman - It is Finally Here

Dean Paron from the SBS team has announced that the product, both standard and premium versions, have released to manufacturing (RTM) which means they are done and now in the process of being finalized for shipping. This is great news and really is a banner day for those of us who serve the SMB space. SBS has been a staple for us for years, and this new release will be the best ever and allow us to provide more value to our clients than ever before. Plus with all the new technologies now included, we can do more standardization and create better margins, managed service offerings and ultimately more revenue with this product.

November 12 is the official launch date and there will be much information to come regarding that time. For now, it is time to begin talking up the pending SBS release, making those last sales of the 2003 version with SA to lock in benefits like ISA, Outlook etc. and get customers ready for a great product that is on the train headed toward them. Don't miss the opportunity to drive revenue with this new wave of SBS!

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