Saturday, August 9, 2008

Go Giver Revisited

At our HTG3 meeting this week in Vancouver, we had an assignment to read the book titled "Go Giver" and share a book report on the topic. I assign books to the groups fairly regularly, and there is the normal difference of opinion on what people think. Some books don't get read because they are too long or just don't captivate people. Many books get skimmed and barely touched. But every person had read and enjoyed this little book. Most said once they started they couldn't put it down. It just captivates you and draws you in with the common sense and basic principles of life that work.

The reports were pretty similar - the book doesn't give a lot of room for, nor need to, think deeply and try to disect the truth. It is right there - in five clear laws that apply no matter what the relationship. And the foundation is all about giving. That is the basic building block for any relationship, be it with your spouse, your employees or your clients. The more we give, the more we will recieve. But that is never the motivation, or shouldn't be. It is just the reality. The key is not to keep score. That comment came out a number of times during our three days. People tend to want to keep score and determine who owes who what. But the basis of giving has nothing to do with the score. It has to do with the desire to provide something to someone else without strings attached.

I have recommended it before, but am doing it again. This is a book that gives a great view of how to live life and make a difference in people's lives. The story is focused on money, but it is the concept that is key. It is the investment in others that really will make a difference. We need to be intentional and look for significant opportunities to really impact one another. When we do, everyone gains so much.

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