Monday, June 2, 2008

HTG(10) Canada is underway

Today we marked a new chapter in HTG, an international peer group. Stuart Crawford is leading 8 companies as founders of the newly formed HTG10 group, formed from all Canadian partners. I had the privilege of joining them for a few hours of their meeting this afternoon and for dinner this evening. We have the other four slots already spoken for from what I understand, so we have already filled our first international group. This allows the group to focus on things unique to doing business in our friendly country north of the border as well as interacting specifically with vendors focused on that market. One thing I have learned is that shipping stuff across the border is not all that easy, and doing business cross border is even more difficult. So this makes sense for everyone.

Dave Sobel is working on HTG(11) Great Britain which will be holding a get acquainted session at WPC in Houston. So that is coming along nicely. We have interest from Australia now too, so this international thing is starting to take shape quickly.

HTG12 and 13 are the new groups in the US and both are almost full. So the HTG train is running down the tracks at full speed and there is a lot of momentum going on. If you are on the train - remember that the key is execution. Execution driven by accountability - that is what we have to continue to focus on. Let's make it happen!


Stuart R. Crawford said...


I am very proud of the 8 members you took the first step the past couple of days in Calgary. We have a great bunch of IT business owners committed to the total success of their business.


theritzman said...


Great last paragraph! That is my fixation: execution & accountability. Both are a challenge - the first a 'focus factor' and second a personal & logistical challenge.
Welcome to business.