Saturday, June 28, 2008

Gazing into the future

This week I had the opportunity to join Stuart Crawford on his blogtalk radio and discuss what I see for the future of MSP providers. I have been working on this concept for some time, trying to gaze into the crystal ball and determine "where the puck is going" if you will, for our SMB clients and their needs. I have settled on this diagram to define my current thinking.

Stuart dubbed this the business triangle - that works for me. You can download the audio of our discussion from his site at this link: No guarantee that I am any more right than anyone else when looking into the crystal ball. But my gray hair should tell you I have been wrong more than most and hopefully have learned something from those experiences. One thing I will guarantee - it is going to change. What we do today to serve our clients will not be the solution to their needs in the years ahead. So start star gazing, and make some plans for what your company will look like 3-5 years down the road. This is where I believe we need to head.

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Stuart R. Crawford said...

Arlin, all the great hockey players, basketball players, and even football players have the knack to know where the ball or puck is going to be. Either on offence or defence. Just look at the great receivers or cornerbacks in pro football. Some concept different side of the ball.

We can elect to play offence and know where the puck is going be be, look at Wayne Gretzky, he know where the puck was going to be ALWAYS, and even better from the Great One is this. "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take", so it is all great to know where the puck is going to be, after that are you willing to shoot it.

Interesting eh!

Stuart Crawford
Calgary, AB