Saturday, January 30, 2010

Microsoft Webcasts To Explain eOpen and MVLS Migration

Microsoft® recently migrated eOpen and MVLS to the new Volume Licensing Service Center website (VLSC) in order to provide a convenient, online solution for customers and partners to easily manage their licensing agreements and Microsoft products. As a result of the initial upgrade, a number of Partners experienced some access and usability issues. We know this has been both inconvenient and frustrating in some cases and we appreciate your patience and assistance during this transition.

To address many of the common questions and provide a review of the new features and procedures of the site, Microsoft’s VLSC team is providing an in-depth training, including tips and tricks, on how to access and navigate the VLSC site so you can more easily access and manage the information you need to provide the best experience for your clients.
Topics will include:
• VLSC registration and site navigation
• How to request or acquire site permissions
• Self-service tools
• Proper support paths if you experience issues

A Question and Answer session will be held at the end of the Live Meeting session.

This event should not only provide you with a better understanding of how to accomplish the licensing management tasks you need to do, but will also provide a better understanding of how the VLSC enhancements can improve the licensing experience for you and your customers moving forward.

There will be three Live Meeting sessions occurring Feb 3rd at 8:30am, 1:00pm and 6:30PM Pacific Standard Time. Event registration information is included below. You will only need to attend one event; please choose the one most convenient for you.
For additional resources please visit the VLSC site on the Microsoft Partner Network.

Partners who are registered with the Partner Learning Center may register here.

If you are not registered with the Partner Learning Center or do not wish to register for the event, please Join the Webcast by clicking the link below:

8:30 a.m. Pacific Time Session:
Webcast Link
• Passcode: S'`2{C_[c
• Telephony: 1-(866) 294-0201 or 1-503-295-8000 (International)
• Pin: 7086

1:00 p.m. Pacific Time Session:
Webcast Link• Passcode: 4s%x'{Sq8
• Telephony: 1-(866) 668-7265 or 1-503-295-8000 (International)
• Pin: 9062

6:30 p.m. Pacific Time Session:
Webcast Link
• Passcode: p6S;>s#)g
• Telephony: 1-(866) 556-5724 or 1-503-295-8000 (International)
• Pin: 1469

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PRM said...

Microsoft is doing well with this move. It will really help a lot of businesses, small or big one, to manage their business well and will also help your business grow.