Monday, May 25, 2009

The Next Frontier

Friday I was blessed to be able to do a live web TV show with Arnie Bellini in the ConnectWise TV studio in Tampa. I really had no idea what to expect, but they have really put together a first class studio to broadcast and record content using the latest in technology. I remember when I thought blogging was a big deal, and since then we have YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and a host of other ways to connect and share information. But this latest technology - the ability to put video and content together in a live and recorded format, takes it all to the next level. There are so many exciting ways to use the Internet, and web TV is certainly one of the most interesting and powerful.

We discussed HTG in a very interactive format, but also had the ability to share a PowerPoint deck while we had our discussion. So it brings together the power of a live meeting or webinar with live video and then lets you record and even edit it into smaller pieces after you finish depending on the needs you have. We spent an hour together talking all things HTG, and then in the next days it will be available on the ConnectWise website for viewing as well. They use an Adobe software platform, and it is slick stuff, but the power really comes in the marriage of all sorts of technologies into a very polished and powerful presentation format.

I know there will be more trips to Tampa to utilize the power of the ConnectWise TV studio and platform. Arnie and team are once again stepping up to help the channel by making their studio available to HTG to use for recording content to deliver to our members. When I consider what a partner friendly channel looks like, I have to say the investment that ConnectWise continues to make in our future is a very strong example of what all need to do to help us succeed. There is no way HTG could put together the cash to have this kind of technology available, so partnering with ConnectWise really brings a significant benefit to our members and helps us continue to drive toward our goal of creating strong members and being the best peer groups in the industry. Thank you ConnectWise, for your continued investment in HTG and the channel. We appreciate it!

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