Friday, May 1, 2009

The Need for Thank You's

We have just come off an unbelievable event with HTG Summit 2009. It would be easy to bask in the glowing reviews and positive comments from our members and vendor sponsors, but the reality is a whole lot of people were involved in making this event happen. I want to make sure to recognize as many as I can (sorry if someone get's overlooked). Too often we don't stop to say thanks to those who make things happen. So here is a list of people who were instrumental in making HTG Summit 2009 a success. A very special thanks to all of you.

Scott Scrogin who serves as president of HTG, is my first thank you. Scott works tirelessly and passionately to make HTG what it is. He was instrumental in helping pull off a great event.

Bob Burg did an awesome job sharing the principles of being a Go-Giver and the power of referrals, networking and relationships. His time with us was powerful and gives us a true focus for how we need to engage with our clients and community.

Christy Sacco was our event planner and took us up a few notches in terms of everything. She is the best there is and really helped make HTG Summit a fabulous experience for all.

Ken Shetler manages our vendor relationships and worked many long and sleepless days trying to herd the vendor cats so we could have a meaningful engagement with them in the lunch and learns, dinners, seats at the table and vendor fair experiences.

My bride Nancy tolerated a whole lot of long days and lots of people for months leading up to this event. I could not do what I do without her support and encouragement. Nancy also trys to keep up with all the agreements and contracts for HTG which is a whole lot of paper.

Sue Sorensen handles all the accounting for HTG. Talk about a wizard at billing and managing the A/R and other aspects of accounting, we could not do it without her.

Mary Petersen did all the design work and handles our newsletter production each month. She worked to help put the conference book together, sign design, shirt design and on the list goes. She also took a whole lot of pictures that are posted to the member portal.

Brad Schow and family (Robyn, Ben and Rachel) were instrumental in helping us with registration and a thousand other tasks that week. They spent spring break serving the HTG membership. Now that is commitment (or they live in a dictatorship). We never would have made it without them.

Aaron Booker brought VarVid to the event and captured some powerful video for us. We really appreciate all the support Aaron gives to HTG. Check out the video at and next time you need something done, let Aaron know.

The HTG advisory board of Brad, Lyf, Scott, Stuart and Dan really help set direction and keep the ship on course. We are thankful for all their investment and leadership. A special thanks to Lyf for the literally hundreds of hours he spent making sure the HTG portal was ready for the event (which is why he recieved the Founders Award on Tuesday evening).

The facilitators did a bang up job of leading their collective boardrooms. These folks are in the trenches and do a fantastic job of helping members learn and grow.

As always, the team at the Omni did an unbelievable job of taking care of us. Ramses, Terri, Cameron and team were very efficient in meeting our needs and serving our members.

We had 37 vendors there to connect with HTG members and this event doesn't happen without their support. Make sure you reach out and thank our vendor partners for being part of HTG.

The lineup of speakers for our breakout sessions was first rate. Thanks to all who were willing to share knowledge and guidance to our membership. You did a fantastic job.

A very special thanks to Paul Dippell and Ryan Morris for helping us convey the HTG 3.0 message to our membership. Change is a coming, and these industry thought leaders helped flesh out and explain the changes that are driving our strategy for the next version of HTG.

Last but certainly not least, we thank our members who spent 3 or 4 days out of office to attend the week in Dallas. As we talked about in our keynote, HTG is you. It would not happen without your willingness to be part of the community and living a go-giver life.

So thanks to all. A great week with a long lasting impact. THANK YOU!

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