Thursday, December 18, 2008

Zenith Addresses AVG Issues

Those who are partnered with Zenith know that there has been an attempt to move from AVG to Bit Defender as an AV solution in their MSP platform. It hasn't gone well for many, so we have had lots of chatter on the topic over the last few weeks. This morning the official word came out that they are extending the AVG licenses until March 2009 while they address the challenges. Here is the official word that came out this morning:

We will be extending the licenses for AVG until March 2009. The license extension will be for existing Sites where AVG is installed and has expired or will expire before March 2009. We are working out the details for Partners to request the AVG license extension and will update you as soon as possible. Please check the RSS feeds on the Partner Support Portal for the latest news.

I spoke with Clinton this morning and they have committed to share their roadmap for AV as soon as it is fixed. It will likely be after the first of the new year before that is settled. As soon as they have a roadmap, it will be shared with the channel so keep your eyes open for that news.

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