Friday, November 7, 2008

Less than a week away

Things have been way too quiet around the upcoming launch of SBS2008 and EBS. Time for all of us to let people in our patch know about the upcoming Launch. There hasn't been nearly enough hoopla or air cover. So it is up to us as partners to set off some rockets and fireworks in our own cities and towns. And it is time to do it NOW.

In less than a week, the Dream Server Launch will happen. Know what I am talking about? The new kid in the Windows Server Family becomes public on November 12. That is also the day that SBS2008 makes its public debut. Our own Erik Thorsell from HTG3 will be part of that launch with his great work for Robby Gordon Motor Sports. We also had about 10 other HTG partners who had customers in the TAP program doing beta deployment and testing. Two great products that have potential to help you grow your SMB business. Generate leads by inviting your customers and prospects to the Windows Essential Server Solutions special launch webcast (link above) using guidance ( and an invitation email template ( Take a look at the tools provided and take action now to get involved. Don't miss the opportunity. Get involved and take action today.

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