Monday, November 24, 2008

Announcements from LPI

Level Platforms has made a couple important announcements that are important to note if you are using their platform or considering an MSP solution. The first is the announcement of full virtualization support for their Managed Workplace solution. We all know that virtualization is a pervasive technology that is just getting its feet wet but will soon be as common as the cold. So it is important to have solutions to manage those environments and now you can. Check out the details at

Equally important, the folks at LPI announced at launch last week the ability to have comprehensive remote monitoring, management and reporting for SBS 2008 and EBS 2008 in minutes by downloading and applying the new integrated suite of Policy Modules. This is great news for those who are deploying the fantastic new SBS and EBS products from Microsoft. Again good stuff as you can monitor and manage these new products out of the gate. You can get their details at on this release.

Are you on the MSP bandwagon yet? Great products that continue to get better from LPI and all the tool providers. There is huge opportunity to help end users take cost out of their businesses during these difficult economic times using managed service tools. It is a great way to gain market and increase value for your customers. Get in the game now, while the opportunity is still there.

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