Thursday, December 30, 2010

Some Misconceptions about Microsoft's MPN

As we approach the new year - there are a number of things on the plate for all of us. We need to close 2010 and finish the current year strong. We need to plan and put on paper our goals for 2011 - to have SMART goals that can be measured and watched over time so we can be accountable to execute them consistently and completely. We need to celebrate our blessings and be grateful for all the good things we have experienced. A new year is a time of new opportunity.

Unfortunately I have been watching with some amazement the reaction, or lack there of, to the new Microsoft MPN partner program. I wrote about this back in August and encouraged partners to begin planning and putting their strategy in place. It seems many have ignored or failed to take any action, and now as we move into the key season of partner renewals, there is panic and frustration that partners are not ready for the transition. This program has definitely raised the bar - but that is not news either. In fact, it has been the plan and came at the request of partners from around the world. This has been in planning stages for some time, and was covered in my blog post back in April as well as dozens of communications from Redmond as well.

The landscape has changed and it is time for true Microsoft partners to jump on board and embrace MPN. Diane Golshan wrote a great blog post last week addressing some of the key misconceptions. Putting things off is not the right answer. Just living under the grandfathering of benefits is not the same thing as embracing the program and putting your strategic plan in place and becoming fully engaged with MPN. Take a read of Diane's post - check out some of Eric Ligman's posts as well. This transition is a change - none of us like change - but it is the future and we need to get on board - embrace it and take advantage of the differentiation that all of us desire. Don't miss the boat on this important opportunity. Spend some time - leverage the resources available - and put your company in a place that will be different than most of your competitors who are just sitting back and waiting. We don't see a lot of chances like this in the channel to really be different. My advice is to get after it and do it quickly.

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