Friday, April 9, 2010

Time with CompTIA in Chicago

This week I was blessed with the opportunity to attend the first annual CompTIA member meeting in Chicago. It was a very full day of content and meetings about matters that are important to the technology industry. HTG has a strategic partnership with CompTIA and it has been great to get to know the team at CompTIA and begin understanding just how important their mission is for partners and others in the channel.

CompTIA is uniquely positioned to speak for all of us. They work hard to remain independent and to include all facets of our very complex industry. Members consist of partners of all shapes and sizes, manufacturers, consultants, vendors, distributors, industry experts and on it goes. Everyone has a place in this organization. They are tackling key areas that impact how business will happen. Cloud computing was a big topic of this meeting. But there were breakouts on managed services, training, certifications and more.

They are best known for their certification programs which are generic industry certs and very helpful to identify levels of knowledge in the workforce. But they fill vital roles of serving to lobby and protect our industry in Washington and across states as well. They bring together people who are unlikely to work together in any other forum to help create things that make the industry better. They are actively working to build a workforce for the future. Some of the statistics are frightening. CompTIA takes a very broad and high level look at all aspects of the industry as well as external influences that may impact it - and they tackle those things head on. Todd Thibodeaux as CEO is taking this organization into new areas that are vital to a healthy ecosystem.

CompTIA has a great staff of professionals who are leading this industry in many areas. I really enjoyed the content they presented and am grateful for their continued persistence to make this industry better. Are you a CompTIA member? It is a real value along with being an important way to get behind our industry. Just this week I downloaded a couple of the legal templates from the member site which easily saved me the cost of membership in saved legal fees. But it is far more than that. It is a chance to get involved with and make a difference in the channel. Don't just pay your fees for dues. Get involved, participate in shaping the future and be part of the organization that is leading the channel into the future.

Check them out at and get involved today!

To take advantage of CompTIA’s special membership offer for HTG Peer Group members, please visit the link here:

You will need to use the promo code HTGAlliance.

This membership will provide HTG Peer Group members with the full benefits of CompTIA Membership except voting rights in the association and the $40 certification voucher which is offered with a standard CompTIA membership.

If you have specific questions about any aspect of CompTIA membership, please contact Charlene Lundy at or (630) 678-8530

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Stuart R. Crawford said...

Good to hear all is well with CompTIA...Ulistic just joined as a vendor partner and will be at Breakaway this summer.

Stuart Crawford