Sunday, March 7, 2010

Three Fantastic Marketing Campaigns - Money to Drive Business

Did you catch the news? The SBSC program has released more funding that can be used to market your company. Up to $2000 is available and it is simple to take advantage of. Check out the details:

Offer #1

The More, the Merrier: SBSC Members Can Get up to $2,000 in Combined Marketing Development Funds Now!

This new offer is extended to all SBSC partners: Act now and you may get up to an additional $1,000 back on your Ready-to-Go Marketing investments in campaigns, events, or services. In addition to the SBSC1000 offer that has been in market since October, you are now eligible to apply for an additional $1,000. Use promo code 2010 when submitting your rebate to claim the 2010 promotion. Hurry! Offer is valid only while supplies last.

Reimbursements done through this "2010" promotion are valid for third-party reimbursement for campaigns (purchases done through, services (purchased from a vendor listed at, and events (that are set up on, up to $1,000. See complete Terms and Conditions here.

Free money to be used the way you want to market your company. All you have to do is be in SBSC – if you aren’t currently – this should be reason enough to get that done – and work with one of the vendors on the Microsoft site to execute. Submit the invoice and get paid. It doesn’t get a lot easier. This is one of those partner friendly programs where you get to determine what to do and how to do it and then get reimbursed for the marketing spend. HTS and their newsletter service is one of the approved vendors. If you don’t currently have an e-newsletter, I encourage you to leverage this offer and get started today!

Offer #2

HP and Microsoft want to thank you for your ongoing interest and support of the Frontline Partnership program. And they are doing it with money – up to $2000 here too!

The Frontline program is pleased to invite you to consider running a tailored marketing campaign focused on HP and Microsoft solutions, that will produce revenue for HP, Microsoft and for your company. ROI requirement is 20:1, but that really is not all that hard to hit if you focus and market your event correctly. To submit an application for FLP market development funds please complete the form found here,, and send to: They will gladly consider your custom campaign proposal. Until the current SBSC offer above, this was always the most flexible program out there.

Offer #3

HTG has worked hard to build meaningful programs and interaction with Microsoft. And I am pleased to announce, that with the help of our Microsoft Champs carrying your message, there are some great things that are available to you as a result. The HTG Flex Fund marketing program gives you an opportunity to apply for $500 of marketing funds which can be used by you to drive business around Win 7, Office 2010, BPOS or Exchange 2010. It is being managed very much like the popular Frontline program marketing funds -- you submit a plan -- execute -- report on your success -- and get a check for up to $500 for your marketing. It is flexible in that you determine how to use the money. The requirement is to drive a minimum 10:1 return, so you need to sell at least $5000 in Microsoft licensing to get the full reimbursement. That really isn't a difficult proposition . . . so apply today. The flex funds overview and request form are on the HTG - Microsoft SharePoint site under shared documents --Flex Funds folder. Funds are limited so there is not enough for every HTG member company to be included. You can apply for multiple grants. First come first served -- so execute!

These offers are limited:
Offer #1 only to SBSC partners in the Microsoft program
Offer #2 only to Microsoft/HP Frontline partners
Offer #3 only to HTG members

But all up here is $4500 that you can use to drive you business. Someone will use this money. Don’t let it slip out of your hands!

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