Thursday, February 4, 2010

Microsoft Offers That Are Too Good To Be True

Get a FREE Microsoft Office 2010 "Launch-in-a-Box" Kit!
This spring, Microsoft is releasing the next version of the Microsoft Office suites. Get in on the excitement! The Office 2010 Sneak Peek campaign is here to help you give your customers and prospects a special preview of the upcoming release. Be one of the first 500 partners to host an event using MicrosoftPartnerEvents between January 25 and June 1, 2010, to win a Launch-in-a-box gift. You can show the attendees all the exciting new features, tricks, and cost savings they can have with Office 2010. For complete terms and conditions, click here.
The kit includes:
• One Office 2010 2x8-foot banner
• 30 Office 2010 notebooks
• 30 Office 2010 logo pens
• 30 Office 2010 T-shirts
• 30 Office 2010 product datasheets
• 30 event evaluation forms

Windows 7 Event Marketing Campaign
The Local Engagement Team can help you drive attendance through local partnerships, and support your event with giveaways. Contact your Local Engagement BDM with the details of your event.

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