Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Next Up - Ingram SMBA in Charlotte

Next week three of our HTG groups - 6 - 18 - 19 - will be holding their Q3 meetings in Charlotte ahead of the Ingram Micro SMB Alliance event. HTG has had a strategic alliance with Ingram now for over a year, and our participation in this event is an exciting part of that continuing to grow to fruition. We will have 50 or so HTG green shirts in attendance at the event on Thursday and Friday and will experience a great agenda filled with content.

Over 200 partners from Ingram's SMBA channel will be on hand to share and learn together. We will hear from key industry leaders like John Fago and Ryan Grant from Ingram Micro, Mike Parrotino from HP, Justin Crotty from Ingram Seismic, Paul Dippell from Service Leadership, David Russell from MANAGEtoWIN and many others. There will be dozens of vendors on hand to connect with and understand how we together can succeed. Breakouts will cover all sorts of timely topics and feature industry experts. I even get some time on stage to talk about the power of community and how peers can make a difference during these challenging times.

I often get asked about the value of communities like VTN or SMBA compared to that of HTG. My answer is always that they are designed to do different things and are complimentary in nature. HTG is focused on business skills and peer mentoring and accountability. Channel communities are typically focused at a higher altitude and provide significant connections to vendor and industry relationships as well as high value educational content from speakers that HTG cannot afford nor fit into our peer focused agenda. So there is plenty of reason to be part of a peer group like HTG and a channel community like SMBA, thus our strategic alliance. They give partners two legs up on competitors who are trying to run their business in a vaccum and are struggling to know how to survive.

I hope to see many of you in Charlotte at the SMBA event Aug 26-28. I know the HTG and Ingram teams have been working hard to be prepared to offer unprecedented value to those who attend. If you are in the crowd there - no tomatoes or heckling allowed. Wear those HTG green shirts on Thursday, and let's have a great time learning, sharing and go-giving together.

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