Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Clarification about SMB Summit and HTG Q2

Many of you may have received an email inviting you to register for the SMB Summit event being held in May in Dallas. This is NOT the HTG Q2 event which is the week of April 20th, but the annual summit event for SMBTN. Last year we did a joint event, but because of the size of HTG with our growth last fall, we could not fit together into the venue together this year, thus there are two events. Our HTG event is in April and the SMBTN Summit is in May. I want to be sure there is no confusion about the events and you don’t register for the SMB Summit mistaking it for the HTG Q2 event. The reg site for HTG will be coming up shortly.

Certainly we know the SMB Summit will be a strong event and we encourage all to consider it as another source of quality information to use in running your business. But we do want to be sure you realize it is a different event hosted by a different organization at a different time. Sometimes we don't read things too closely and just start clicking.....sound familiar?

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